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Lifeless mannequins trapped in nothingness come to existence with maniacal masks. The Maniacal Mannequins consist of Cardano's Maniacal Mannequins & $MANIAC, Polygon's Matic Mannequins, and Bitcoin's BTC Mannequins.

The Mannequins' unique art concept is an embodiement of who we as a NFT community strive to be. Our dedicated team of crypto enthusiasts are prepared to guide the Maniacal Mannequins into the unknown as a stable part of the future of non fungible and fungible tokens.


Desktop minting available with many Cardano Wallets - Mobile minting available on Vespr 

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Mannequin Holders receive $MANIAC

Established 2022

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  • What Blockchain

    Cardano / Bitcoin / Polygon

  • What is the supply

    3500 ADA Mannequins

    3500 MATIC Mannequins

    166 BTC Mannequins

    100,500 $MANIAC

    1,010,000,000 $ZOMBIE